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the map of creator

Map of Creator, Dashka stone, Chandar plate

Have you heard about the Chandar discovery:  Chandar plate, the map of Creator or Dashka stone? George Vakhrouchev , geologist (later he worked as an Academician), wrote in 1921 year about the existence of six stone boards in Bashkortostan. This amazing artifact was found in 1999 by a professor of Bashkir State University, doctor of physical and mathematical sciences, Alexander Nikolayevich Chuvyrov.  Plate was laid as the basis for the porch in the Bashkir village Chandar! Вы слышали о Чандарской находке: Чандарская плита, карта создателя или Дашкин камень? Еще в 1921 году геолог Георгий Вахрушев (впоследствии академик)… | Read more