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Russian cuisine

Light cold soup recipe with kefir- лёгкий холодный суп на кефире

Light kefir cold soup recipe
«На дворе лето», и надо поделиться каким-нибудь простым рецептом лёгкого холодного летнего супа из русской кухни. Дорога ложка к обеду; Всякому овощу своё время; Куй железо, пока горячо It is summer time, and it is necessary to share some easy recipe of light cold soup for summer from Russian cuisine. A spoon is dear when lunch time is near; Everything is good in its season; Strike while the iron is hot Русская кухня –это не только пельмени, блины, пироги, щи и борщи. Этот рецепт мне рассказала моя подруга,… | Read more

The simple recipe of Russian pancakes (blini)

Shrovetide (Maslenitsa) is in the full swing. We say, “Maslenitsa comes and brings pancakes with honey.” Масленица в разгаре.  У нас говорят «Масленица идёт, блин да мёд несёт». Today I will give you a simple recipe of the delicious pancakes. Сегодня я вам дам простой рецепт вкусных блинов. We have many tips and recipes “how to cook pancakes”.  I suffered many setbacks in their “test” and found the most suitable way for myself. These pancakes are always obtained successfully. Советов и рецептов «как правильно печь блины» -великое множество».… | Read more

The recipe of the fish Pirog Rasstegai

The recipe of the fish Pirog Rasstegai
Common Russians have a breakfast before going to work. The breakfast contains of a sandwich, yogurt, cheese, fried eggs or porridge, and a cup of tea or coffee. Lunch time takes place from 1 to 2 p.m., as a rule, in the cafes, because of the long time to get from work to the home. People take vegetable salad, soup, and beef or pork with a side dish. The usual drinks are tea, coffee or juice. After work the whole  family has supper at home. Supper- it is a hot dish and tea.      In the ancient times all dishes were cooked in the Russian oven. The temperature inside was not so high as the temperature of on open fire, but it could stay high for a long time. A clay pot was put inside the oven and the food was cooked for a long time. That was why all the dishes were semi liquid. The… | Read more