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Let’s have a bath

Let’s have a Russian bath

Let's have a bath.
The Russian amusement and treatment What is the Russian bath?     What we need in the Russian bath?     Let’s have a bath in Sochi in the time of Winter Olympic Games 2014  How to get the best benefit? By the way, the Russian slang ” Иди́ в ба́ню! Пошёл в ба́ню!” means ‘Go away!’. May be, it is because of this place is very hot and reminds the hell ? People say each other ” С лёгким па́ром” (have a light steam!) Hope, you enjoyed your bath! Do you like this post? Share it with you friends. Вам понравилась эта статья? Поделитесь ею с друзьями. Источник: Мудрость мира… | Read more