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Soviet and Russian Space history : Happy Yuri’s Night!

Space history
Happy Yuri’s Night! 12 апреля-день космонавтики The starry sky attracted people from ancient times. People dreamed of flying like a birds. Now these fantasies have become a reality. С давних пор звёздное небо притягивало к себе людей. Люди мечтали летать, как птицы.  Сейчас самые смелые фантазии уже давно стали реальностью. Russian man Yuri Gagarin made a flight into space on April 12th, 1961 from the Baikonur cosmodrome for the first time in human space history. The first flight around the Earth on a spaceship “Vostok” lasted 108 minutes. 12 апреля 1961 года с космодрома Байконур впервые в истории человечества совершил полёт в космос русский человек Юрий Гагарин. Первый полёт вокруг Земли длился 108 минут на космическом корабле «Восток».… | Read more

Nicholas II Tsar of Russia

Nicholas II tsar of Russia
Nicholas II is a grandson of Queen Victoria Nicholas II was married to the German Princess Alice of Hesse  Nicholas II and his youngest daughter, Anastasia rest in the garden  in a city of Mogilev, 1916 (during the First World there was the General Headquarters). Grand Duchess is 15 years. Do not be shocked by this photo: the smoking was not something immoral yet. In 1915, when the Imperor was at headquarters, Anastasia, wrote to him from St. Petersburg: “I’m sitting with thy old cigarette, which you gave me once, and it is very tasty.” Of course, Grand Duchesses never smoked publicly, this photo is a joke. Photo: from the family of the Romanovs    The reign of Nicholas II was in time of political contradictions Nicholas II abdicated Nicholas… | Read more