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To be or not to be? The Russian verb TO BE – БЫТЬ

verb БЫТЬ
I am= Я ЕСТЬ  The Russian verb TO BE БЫТЬ The most important verb in every language is the verb that expresses the essence of being “to be”. The verb to be БЫТЬ in the Russian language has two basic meanings: 1. To exist, to appear, to be (classification of the object or person). Dr. Ivanov is a good specialist. Maria is a student. We drop the word ЕСТЬ ( is a the present tense of the verb БЫТЬ) in talking. The style of the book uses the verb ЯВЛЯТЬСЯ. Доктор Иванов является лучшим хирургом (surgeon) в нашем городе. Русский глагол БЫТЬ Cамый важный глагол в каждом языке-это глагол который… | Read more

Map of Creator, Dashka stone, Chandar plate

Have you heard about the Chandar discovery:  Chandar plate, the map of Creator or Dashka stone? George Vakhrouchev , geologist (later he worked as an Academician), wrote in 1921 year about the existence of six stone boards in Bashkortostan. This amazing artifact was found in 1999 by a professor of Bashkir State University, doctor of physical and mathematical sciences, Alexander Nikolayevich Chuvyrov.  Plate was laid as the basis for the porch in the Bashkir village Chandar! Вы слышали о Чандарской находке: Чандарская плита, карта создателя или Дашкин камень? Еще в 1921 году геолог Георгий Вахрушев (впоследствии академик)… | Read more

Russian Greetings and Acquaintance

Russian greetings
Привет! Давайте знакомиться по-русски. Меня зовут Светлана. А Вас? Hi! Let’s get Russian greetings  and acquaintance.My name is Svetlana. And yours?   У русских есть две формы обращения к людям: “Ты” и “Вы”. “Вы”- вежливая форма, которую мы используем, обращаясь к незнакомцам, к старшим людям, в официальных ситуациях и для обращения к нескольким (многим) лицам.  “Ты” используется между близкими… | Read more

Scarlet sails and white nights in St. Petersburg

Scarlet Sails is a beautiful holiday in St. Petersburg Scarlet Sails is a celebration in St. Petersburg, Russia, the most famous public holiday during the White Nights Festival. The tradition is highly popular for its spectacular fireworks, numerous music concerts on the waters of the Neva River.  Пожалуй, “Алые паруса”самый красивый праздник  в России, который проходит во время фестиваля белых ночей в Санкт-Петербурге. Это необыкновенное зрелище с многочисленными концертами и захватывающими фейерверками в акватории… | Read more

Arkaim is the Russian Stonehenge

Arkaim is forgotten town in Russian history It is surprising, but many Russians never heard about Arkaim. I was happy to visit this magical place in June 2014 during the summer solstice. Это удивительно, но многие русские ничего не слышали об Аркаиме. Мне посчастливилось побывать там в июне 2014 во время летнего солнцестояния.   Arkaim is an archaeological site situated in the Southern Urals steppe. In 1987, during the construction of water reservoirs in the Southern Ural it was discovered by a team of Chelyabinsk scientists who were preparing the area to be flooded in order to create a reservoir. Аркаим – это исторический… | Read more

Russian family – meaning and vocabulary

Russian family
The meaning of the Russian family Genus and family (Семья́ и Род) were the focus of a person’s life. Extensive common Slavic kinship terminology – one of the best proof of that. The most common in Slavic chronicles are the terms: brother, father, son, husband, wife, sister, mother, child etc., that is, words that characterize the two closest generation combined blood and family ties. The term denoting entities male relatives are used by about two times more often than the corresponding terms for the female gender. Род и семья  всегда были в центре внимания жизни человека. Обширная общеславянская терминология родства – одно… | Read more

Perfective verbs in Russian language

Verbs the Perfect Aspect
Я всё-таки написа́ла э́ту статью́! 🙂 When we use the Perfective verbs in Russian language? You now five cases of  the Imperfective verbs from the article Imperfective verbs in Russian language  . We easy can get the past tense of imperfective verb, if we will drop -ТЬ of Infinitive and will add instead of it  -Л, -ЛА, -ЛО, -ЛИ. We know that perfective verbs do not have a present tense ( look here: Perfective and Imperfective Russian verbs). Perfective verbs usually are formed by adding prefixes  or suffixes to Imperfective form. В каких случаях русские используют глаголы совершенного вида? В статье Imperfective verbs in… | Read more