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Great Maslenitsa. The Russian Shrovetide. Великая Масленица

Maslenitsa, Shrovetide or Mardi Gras is an ancient Slavic celebration of farewell to Winter and the meeting Spring Масленица-это древний славянский праздник проводов зимы и встречи весны. Б.Кустодиев. Масленица  Slavs worshiped the sun. Ancient Slavs had their  New Year holiday on the spring equinox on 23 March. Maslenitsa is a holiday, when people were glad for the end of winter and  the approaching of  warm weather. Славяне всегда поклонялись солнцу.  Новый год у древних славян начинался в день весеннего равноденствия 23 марта. Масленица-это… | Read more

Conjugation of Russian verbs

Let’s learn the Conjugation of Russian verbs The infinitive of Russian verbs has a question «Что делать» = “What to do?” and generally ends in “ТЬ”. It looks like “to” in the beginning of English infinitive:  чита́ть = to read. We learned about forming of past and complex future tenses in the article about verb “быть”= “to be”. You need to remove “-ТЬ” and to add the verbal ending in present tense, depending on the letter preceding -ТЬ. If the verb has the letter “и” before “-ТЬ”, the verb is being to group II (И). If there is any other vowel (a, о, у, е…) before “-ТЬ”, the verb is being to group I (E).  1 спряжение-группа Е.  Look at the first and main subgroup… | Read more

Tatiana’s day is the Russian Student Day. Татьянин день день студента

tatiana's day
Student day in Russia Tatiana’s day is a student day in Russia. Russian Empress Elisabeth endorsed a petition (of M. Lomonosov) to establish a Moscow University on 25 January 1755. Татья́нин день-день студе́нта в Росси́и. 25 января́ 1755 го́да императри́ца Елизаве́та Петро́вна подписа́ла ука́з (прое́кт М.В. Ломоно́сова) об откры́тии в Москве́ пе́рвого Росси́йского Университе́та. It is a day of Saint Tatiana. The Saint Tatiana is the patron of all Russian students. Э́то день свято́й христиа́нской му́ченицы Татья́ны.… | Read more

The Secret of the Russian Nikita. Russian Names

Russian names
The Berlin wall was destroyed 25 years ago on 9 ноября 1989.  This anniversary reminds me of the song “Nikita”, which was performed by Elton John in 1985. He sang about a beautiful girl on the other side of the wall. I remember the general astonishment of that period – the beginning of the end  “The cold war”. 25 годовщи́на паде́ния берли́нской стены напо́мнила мне пе́сню «Ники́та», кото́рую испо́лнил Элтон Джон в 1985 году. Пе́сня о любви́ к де́вушке по другу́ю сто́рону стены. Я по́мню общее изумле́ние от этого перио́да- … | Read more

Russian Christmas and Koliada: the birthday of the Sun

Russian Christmas and Koliada: the birthday of the Sun
Russians have the longest winter holiday in the World. We have twelve days off in January. Look at  the list of Russian winter holidays.  January 1 is  New Year’s day 1 января- Но́вый год Traditions: New Year tree, the Kremlin chimes beating 12 o’clock, champagne. You have to make a wish with every sip of champagne. Every from 12th wishes has to come true in coming year. It is a family holiday, but often often meet “Новый год” in Nature in tourist centers in the forest or in houses in the village. We have no Santa Clause, but we have the Grandfather Frost- Дед Мороз (Ded Moroz). Our Дед Мороз is not alone; he has a granddaughter “Снегурочка-Snow girl”. They both come to good children… | Read more

The recipe of the fish Pirog Rasstegai

The recipe of the fish Pirog Rasstegai
Common Russians have a breakfast before going to work. The breakfast contains of a sandwich, yogurt, cheese, fried eggs or porridge, and a cup of tea or coffee. Lunch time takes place from 1 to 2 p.m., as a rule, in the cafes, because of the long time to get from work to the home. People take vegetable salad, soup, and beef or pork with a side dish. The usual drinks are tea, coffee or juice. After work the whole  family has supper at home. Supper- it is a hot dish and tea.      In the ancient times all dishes were cooked in the Russian oven. The temperature inside was not so high as the temperature of on open fire, but it could stay high for a long time. A clay pot was put inside the oven and the food was cooked for a long time. That was why all the dishes were semi liquid. The… | Read more