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Russian Home Dictionary - Picture Book About Russian Home

Russian Home Dictionary – the Picture book and audio about Russian home

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Сultural heritage of Russia

Russia has the biggest territory. Our great country has great history. More than 200 nationalities and ethnic groups live here. That is why Russian culture is very diverse. The most important influencing factor of Russian material and spiritual culture is Orthodox Christianity and various pagan traditions that have been preserved in our country since pre-Christian times. Western Europe has a considerable influence on Russian culture too.  I will tell you about Russian history, holidays, cuisine  and culture:  theater, cinema, painting, music, literature, folklore and so on in my blog.

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Russian Cuisine

Russian cuisine is based on ancient folk traditions; these dishes are simple but very nutritious. Historically, the main dishes are prepared with flour, milk, meat and vegetables. Russians prefer rye (black) bread. Sour cream is a traditional Russian dressing for dishes. Russian church has a huge influence on the cuisine. More than 180 days are meatless every year due to different religious fastings. Russians cook food from cereal, mushrooms, vegetables and wild berries (Hello, vegetarians!). Northern and Siberian cuisine is very healthy and high in calories. Meals should provide energy and strength to survive. Fish dishes dominate fish there. Dumplings, borsch, pirogs, okroshka, ucha, rassolnik, pancakes and so on you can try to cook yourself with recipes from my pages.

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Russian Grammar

Do you dream to speak correctly in Russian? Start now! The Russian grammar is not as difficult as you think. You will have a base for speaking, writing and talking in Russian. With my background as an accountant, I like to teach Russian grammar with tables and schemes. You will study the most relevant grammatical topics: cases, types of verb, verbs of motion and prefix verbs, participles and gerunds. You can learn the grammar yourself here. If you want to have a private lesson via Skype, just write me.

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